Siobhan Bradley

Siobhan is a materials chemist who joins us from Wellington, New Zealand. Her background is in materials synthesis and characterisation for light-harvesting systems. She has a Bachelors and Honours degree from Victoria University of Wellington and she undertook her PhD studies at the former Ian Wark Research Institute at UniSA with professor Thomas Nann. She has worked on a number of solar energy conversion and storage techniques such as, water-splitting, CO2 reduction, flow-batteries and now she’s utilising the various UML group techniques and expertise – TCSPC, flash-photolysis and transient absorption to elucidate photophysical processes in singlet fission materials.

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Address: School of Chemistry, University of Melbourne,
Parkville, VIC, 3010 Australia

Room: B09


T: +61 3 9035‬‬‬ 8129

F: +61 3 9347 5180

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