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Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics (ACAP)

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Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI)

Asian and Oceanian Photochemistry Association (APA) – Please see the APA website

European Photochemistry Association (EPA):

IUPAC Sub-committee on Photochemistry:


UML plays a role in the IUPAC Sub-Committee on Photochemistry, which offers information relating to all aspects of photochemistry (e.g. the Gold Book).

Support for
projects contributing to the advancement of areas of photochemistry is available. See here for a flyer: Poster-IUPAC-Photochemistry-Sub-Committee.


Methods and Applications in Fluorescence:


Trevor Smith is on the editorial board of the IOP journal Methods and Applications in Fluorescence. Published quarterly, Methods and Applications in Fluorescence (MAF) is a new journal with a focus on new developments in (lifetime) spectroscopy, imaging (including microscopy), and probe design, as well as in nano materials (including beads and thin films), optoelectronic components, in data acquisition and processing. (see here for details).  MAF 2018 impact factor = 2.940 – up from 2.429.

Advanced Microscopy Facility:

The University of Melbourne’s Advanced Microscopy Facility maintains a state-of-the-art electron and optical microscope facility with the main nodes located at the Bio21 Institute, the School of Botany, the Department of Anatomy and cell Biology and associated specialised light microscopy facilities located at the departments of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and the Florey Neuroscience Institute.

These facilities are under the Biological Optical Microscopy Platform (BOMP). The Delta Vision OMX blaze v4 and the Leica SP5 live cells are now both up and running.


Images courtesy of Dr Paul McMillan